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10 reasons why I don't want Shari'ah in Pakistan

Religion and how I choose to practice it is my business and not that of the State. Enforcing Shari'ah will not make me a better Muslim nor will it make Pakistan a welfare state. The world's welfare states are all governed by secular governments. I reject the idea that Shari'ah in any form can be enforced by those who have raped and plundered my country, blown up schools and mosques and beheaded soldiers. I will not give these criminals the right to dictate to me.  I will not give up my civil rights, including freedom of thought and expression, under the guise of Shari'ah.  I stand against acts like wife beating and the premise that rape requires 4 witnesses, all of which can be justified under Shari'ah law. Virtually anything can be justified by quoting religious scripture, and the context or interpretation of quoted text is usually not questioned. An example is a heinous crime like the Peshawar church blast being declared "in accordance with Shari'ah"…